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i40-Portal - See What I See

i40-Portal is an innovative Augmented Reality application for real-time support of employees, technicians and users on site over long distances.

The solution combines physical and digital workspaces and helps to process incidents, assessments, errors, etc. more efficiently, quickly and safely.

Augmented Reality ready-for-use!

With i40-Portal you can, for example, significantly minimize plant downtimes and the effort for your technicians. The person on site is connected digitally to your service personnel via SmartPhone or data glasses - which can then take a direct look at the problem.

Besides: i40-Portal enables the visual provision of drawings, circuit diagrams, manuals and videos.


Usability and ergonomics, independence and a first-class performance are the guidelines of the i40-Portal development.


No extensive training or instruction is required for use.


Works reliably and stable even under unfavorable conditions.


No additional services required: Simultaneous transmission of sound and image information.


Dynamically adaptable to various scenarios and requirements.

Augmented Reality ready-for-use

Using INOSOFT’s i40-Portal technologies, industrial enterprises are finding ways to re-envision work and improve the productivity, accuracy, quality, and safety of their skilled industrial workforce.

Request a demonstration of i40-Portal today and let us show you how quickly, easily, and economically you can deliver high impact AR solutions to your workforce!


Based on innovative technologies, i40-Portal enables a new way of collaboration. Easy to implement, even easier to use and available for traditional smartphones, Augmented Reality data glasses and the Microsoft HoloLens!

Easy commissioning

The technician connects his device to the Internet and starts the support session via a special web URL: Simple, fast, uncomplicated, and yet secure.

See what I see

Real-time support and improved collaboration: once the connection has been established, the service expert sees the situation on site via the technician's mobile device.

Flexible provisioning

i40-Portal is an SaaS solution and works web-based without additional software installation. Access is possible directly from any PC or mobile device.

Any devices

i40-Portal works with standard smartphones & tablets, Augmented Reality data glasses and the Microsoft HoloLens.

Relevant information

In an ongoing support session, you can provide with i40-Portal contextual instructions, images, videos, 3D models, etc. that are displayed directly in the viewer's field of view on site.

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens are AR data glasses and enable interactive 3D projections in the field of vision. The glasses work stand-alone - without a smartphone or PC - and achieve the best results in i40-Portal.

Getting Started with i40-Portal!

Everything we do at INOSOFT is intended to provide you with an optimally supported Augmented Reality solution which offers great benefits.

Arrange a free i40-Portal demonstration date and we will show you how you can quickly, easily and economically implement a highly effective Augmented Reality solution!

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The Re-envisioning of Work

i40-Portal is an innovative Augmented Reality application for real-time support of employees, technicians and users on site. The solution combines physical and digital workspaces to help your employees work smarter, faster and safer.

Augmented Reality ready-for-use!

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