Update History

New features and updates of i40-Portal:

April, 10 2018 - v1.02

New Features

  • Support of Vuzix and Hololens
  • New Command Center in Support Session Window
    - Chat: Send messages and pre defined answer options to peer
    - Vuzix navigation: Remotely control what the Vuzix user will see on their screen
    - Draw and augment a still image (Vuzix and Hololens only)
    - Remotely play a video on Hololens or Vuzix
  • Ad-hoc Sessions: Easily set up a Support session independently from a machine configuration
  • Invite by Email: QR Codes and Connection information can now also be sent by mail


  • Improved security and performance
March, 12 2018 - v1.01 HotFix


  • Various data base and code optimizations
  • A bug was fixed where under certain circumstances the messages "Waiting for remote partner..." and "Not connected" were displayed alternately without a connection being established
  • New admin dashboard with session statistics


  • Live update of the connection status in the support dashboard
  • Collecting information related to a support session. Among other things, the subject and the duration of the session, the name of the engineer, the device used (Browser, HoloLens, AR glasses)
  • New admin dashboard with session statistics
February, 20 2018 - v1.01
  • Improved processing speed
  • Optimized visualization of all webs on mobile devices (Responsive UI)
  • New, completely redesigned camera interface for the technician
  • Improved device support and correction of the main camera control on Android Smartphones (see also Tested Devices)
  • Better video resolution in 16:9 format – provided the browser and camera support this format
  • Support of Safari 11 on macOS
  • Improved connection stability
  • Hololens: Application does not restart after a broken connection but now a re-connect is carried out automatically
January, 24 2018 - v1.00
  • Provision of version v1.00
The Re-envisioning of Work

i40-Portal is an innovative Augmented Reality application for real-time support of employees, technicians and users on site. The solution combines physical and digital workspaces to help your employees work smarter, faster and safer.

Augmented Reality ready-for-use!

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