Frequently asked questions

Please find below a quick overview of the most frequently asked questions about i40-Portal. If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone on +49 6421/9915-0 or by e-mail at We will be happy to help!

General questions
No. All you need is an Internet browser to use the application.
No, a standard smartphone is sufficient to use the basic functions.
  • Android-Geräte (SmartPhone or Tablet)
  • Apple iPhone from iOS 11 onwards (with restrictions)
  • Apple iPad from iOS 11 onwards
  • Augmented reality data glasses from Vuzix, Epson BT series
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Windows: Firefox 55, Chrome 60
  • Android: Firefox 55, Chrome 60
  • macOS: Safari 11, Firefox 55, Chrome 60
  • iOS 11: Safari (full functionality only on iPad)
Yes, i40-Portal works worldwide.
The communication between mobile device or data glasses and portal can be established via WLAN or 3G/UMTS/4G.
Yes, an engineer can participate in several sessions at the same time and thus help two technicians in different locations in parallel sessions.
Data collected during a session such as uploaded documents or video screenshots are linked to the machine. If a further session on the same machine should be necessary at a later date, the information from previous sessions will still be available.
Of course, it is also possible to place 3D content such as holograms in the user's field of vision. If the technician uses data glasses like the HoloLens on site, he can even interact with the 3D content.
No, the manufacturer can manage and support any number of customers and machines via the portal.
No, changes to the existing infrastructure are usually not necessary but might be required. This depends on how tightly locked the environment is in which you want to use the portal.
If there is a firewall or other infrastructure component between the engineer and the technician that prevents a direct connection, the connection is made via a server on the Internet. For this purpose, an outgoing connection to the Internet is established via TCP and UDP ports 3478 as well as a randomly selected UDP port from the range 49152 to 49999.
The technology used in i40-Portal is designed for low-bandwidth connections. The audio and video quality automatically scales with the available bandwidth.
The transmission of data is secured via SSL. The certificates used are based exclusively on encryption and signature algorithms that are currently classified as secure.
The Re-envisioning of Work

i40-Portal is an innovative Augmented Reality application for real-time support of employees, technicians and users on site. The solution combines physical and digital workspaces to help your employees work smarter, faster and safer.

Augmented Reality ready-for-use!

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